Instructions are located at the bottom of the gallery preview images.


1. Click on the play button to start a slideshow for the current gallery.

2. Click on the download icon below the topmost (larger) image to download the entire gallery (all images) to your computer. Follow the on screen instructions. A zip file will be sent to your computer. Unzip the file to get the images. WARNING - Some galleries contain quite a few images and the resulting zip file may be quite large. Download all images only if you are sure that is what you want.

3. Click on a preview image to view an enlarged image.


Four icons appear at the upper left of the screen.

1. Arrows - Enlarge the image to full screen.

2. Play  - Start a slideshow for the current gallery.

3. Info  - Display metadata for this photo.

4. Download - Download this image to your computer.

Click on the X at the upper-right of the screen to close the enlarged image and return to the gallery preview page.

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